GCC VAT Compliances

Implementation of the Value Added Tax (VAT) regime in Bahrain, Oman, KSA, and UAE as part of the GCC agreement. APMH's Indirect Tax team specializes in helping medium and small businesses navigate VAT implementation, change management, and compliance. With expertise in commercial decisions, ERP configuration, and invoice formats, APMH supports clients with VAT registrations, e-invoicing, consulting, audits, and day-to-day returns.



Wide the GCC agreement, Bahrain, Oman, KSA, and UAE implement the Value Added Tax Regime also known as VAT. This is very similar to what India did in 2017 with the implementation of GST.


VAT has a typical multilayer compliance system wherein the VAT impact is passed throughout the supply chain be it services or goods. This means almost all the businesses in that country doing local / export sales also the services/goods will have to get compliant with this tax regime. 





The Indirect Tax team at APMH helped a lot of medium and small businesses with their implementation and change management for the adaption of the VAT regime. Be it commercial decisions of costing and pricing, be it ERP configuration or Invoice formats, the APMH team helped even a lot of non-resident businesses and multinational client teams end to end. The India GST experience helped me understand all the complexities and develop the required agility to adapt. Similar the Bahrain, UAE, Oman, and Saudi, the APMH team is ready for implementations in Kuwait and Qatar once the VAT. 


The team continues to support clients with their new VAT registrations, e-invoicing, VAT consulting, VAT government Audits, and day-to-day VAT returns for more than 30 companies.

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