FEMA and International Taxation

A holistic approach, in assisting investing, setting up, winding up, and structuring business arms and subsidiaries. Extends to Foreign Exchange regulations, RBI compliance, compounding, and litigations. Specializes services in cross-border tax and transfer pricing, consultation and support for companies. Count on to navigate the complexities and ensure compliance, offering valuable insights and solutions for businesses.



India is one of the most attractive geographies for investment inbound while a lot of Indian conglomerates are keen to take on their business to the world.  All this calls for a lot of regulatory and tax aspects for the businessmen to think over and get themselves right there.




APMH understands the business challenges alongside the compliance and could adopt a holistic approach while looking at the investing, setting up, investment, winding up, structuring of business arms and subsidiaries for both inbound and outbound transactions.


APMH has been working with various industries to help them with the Foreign exchange regulations FEMA and RBI Compliance with full vigilance. Also, we help companies handle their compounding and other representation regarding the pending litigations.


Apart from regulatory, cross-border tax and transfer pricing has been an area of our interest and research. We help companies handle these aspects to their best advantage, be it litigations or consultation, or compliance. 

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