E-Invoicing Consultancy in Saudi Arabia

Electronic invoicing is a procedure that aims to convert the issuing of paper invoices and notes into an electronic process that allows the exchange and processing of invoices, credit notes & debit notes.


Electronic Invoicing has several benefits for both Persons subject to the E-Invoicing Regulations and national economy, these benefits include but are not limited to: 

• Enhance business ecosystem with enriched fair competition and consumer protection through the provision of a unified process for validating and auditing invoices. 

• Reduce hidden economy transactions 

• Reduce commercial concealment by increasing requirements related to invoice tracking and data retention. 

• Enriching the consumer experience and digitizing the consumer-supplier relationship. 

• Increased compliance with tax obligations through enhanced verification of business transactions.


Concern must equip themselves with an E-Invoicing System complying with Phase One requirements. The concern may approach their solution provider to ensure their E-Invoicing systems are compliant with requirements.  We have a team in place for audit, who can work effectively with you and with each other, and who remain committed to serving the Company into the future.  Furthermore, we understand the need to adapt to the culture of the Company and to fit well within it. The members of our team will have a goal to develop highly productive relationships with management at all levels built on common values and mutual respect, while rigorously preserving their professional objectivity and independence at all times.

How can APMH be helpful?

We obtain a thorough understanding of the client business and the requirements of the engagement are one of the topmost priorities while a proposal is submitted to the client. We ensure that we have a clear understanding of the requirements, and the deliverables are prominently identified and outlined.  Here we have mentioned our e-invoicing features:-

• Web-Enabled & User-Friendly SaaS Application

• Generating invoice - per-Invoice or in bulk;

• Printable PDF as per ZATCA guidelines for eInvoice with an option to (auto) e-Mail as attachment

• Generate e-invoices, and e-notes to include all the data fields required, as per ZATCA eInvoice schema data dictionary and compliant with UBL 2.1 schema.

• Error-Report: Download or e-Mail Alert

• Validation of invoice fields and computation of tax amounts per base UBL2.1 specification and KSA/ZATCA mandated business rules and applicability.

• QR code which is a type of matrix barcode, with a pattern of black and white squares that are machine-readable by a QR code scanner, or a camera on a smart device, to enable basic validation of e-invoices and e-notes.

• Customized Invoice would be provided if required as per customer's current VAT invoice format with company logo, formats.

• eInvoicing Security, Storage, and Archival.


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