Cryptocurrency Accounting and Advisory

We offer comprehensive services in accounting, tax planning, and structuring to navigate the world of cryptocurrencies. Benefit from our expertise in streamlining transactional records, computing costs, financial accounting, and valuation.


The world is at the cusp of liberation from the limitations of the political and country-specific currencies. The decentralized Blockchain driven currencies are becoming the theme of the time. Indian government like all other countries has tried to curb this trend but seems to have backed out as the same is not practical at this stage. Tycoons like Elon Musk have been seen to be backing these cryptocurrencies, making them even more interesting. 

In the new world, fundraising will happen through Initial Coin Offering ICO instead of the Initial Public offerings IPO of the equity shares. There is a lot of interest in the traders, exchanges, fans, and tech enthusiasts.




APMH team is deeply following the cryptocurrency transformation. We have developed in-house capabilities to handle complex databases and transaction dumps from SQL and MySQL. In the operations set-up arena, we have been successfully setting up entities for Global Investors / Traders in friendly jurisdictions of Cayman Island, Estonia, and others deciding their accounting policies, transfer pricing, and audits. 
We have created a focused team of Tech-enabled Engineers, Consultants, and Financial Accountants to focus and concentrate on the Crypto spectrum. This puts us in a position to have ready-to-use resources for handling huge and complex databases inherent to Crypto transactions and dealings.
Our expert is capable to face challenges towards streamlining transactional records to compute costs, profits, financial accounting, and valuation as per globally accepted policies. We also specialize in advisory for Transfer pricing and Audits as required.


Our Services 


1. Accounts Outsourcing with full tech support

2. Preparation of Accounting Manuals

3. Tax planning and structuring

4. Reporting and analytics

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